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Have an open mind

When I started in the profession of sharing opportunities to help change people’s lives, both physically and financially, I ran into quite a bit of people who either didn’t respond to me or said they aren’t interested.  But how could they say they weren’t interested in something they knew nothing about?

So, I had to take a step back and really figure out why.   Why were people not even open to receiving information via email.  Why were people not even open to a quick 15 minute conversation. Did they have preconceived notions? Have they already let the noise in their head speak louder than the voice in their heart? If I wanted to be successful in sharing this gift with others I needed to understand why.

I decided to use my psychology background and professional training in personal development and look into the lives of others to really analyzed what was going on.  The formal definition of “open-minded”is willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.  Turns out, the majority of people who said no was because what I was sharing was not how they imagined it hence the immediate shut-down of new ideas.

How many times have you potentially passed up an opportunity or blessing because it wasn’t presented to you or packaged the way you expected?  Are you truly open to new experiences and adventures or are you comfortable with being comfortable.

A friend of mine recently said “the bigger the risk the bigger the reward” and she is so true.  If you are playing small for whatever reason and not being truly open-minded, here are 5 ways to make a shift to live the life you desire:

  1. Step out of your comfort zone.  I coach my team this quite frequently.  The only way to change something IS TO CHANGE.  Put yourself out there to people in a very authentic way.  Always be true to yourself.  And do one thing that scares you every single day.  Whether that start a conversation with a stranger, post something on social media, or call an old friend out of the blue.  It will be scary for sure.  But once you do it, you’ll be so happy you did!
  2. Start some self-development.  When I started in my new profession I had to learn a new way of thinking.  I have always been a positive, supportive, and uplifting person, but when I started to read books such as “The Go-Giver”, I had a shift in my mindset.  But full disclosure here – I had that shift because I was OPEN to a different perspective and a way of thinking.  If I remained the same I never would have experienced such personal growth.
  3. If someone offers you a seat on a rocketship, take it!  This is kind of a big deal.  I know there are so many opportunities out there, but if a new door is opened for you, take a walk inside.  It doesn’t mean you have to stay.  Gather information.  Ask questions and figure out if the opportunity is for you.  If not, move along.  But what a shame it would be if the door you never walked through was the door you needed to change your life.
  4. Be surrounded by positivity.  You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.  Take a good inventory of who those people are.  You may not be fully aware, but those people ARE impacting your life – in either a negative or positive way.  If the people in your life complain, are always putting others down, or are only out for themselves, figure out a way to have less contact with them.  When you eliminate those kinds of people from your life, you allow yourself to welcome in the positive.
  5. Do something to help someone else.  In my profession, what we do is lift others up.  We find the strengths and capitalize on them.  This is not something you will find in corporate America.  We actually want people to be more successful than ourselves.  And when you pour greatness into others, your life will automatically be blessed ten-fold.

We only get this one life my friends.  We can choose to be blessed with bountiful opportunities that can change our life or we could be close-minded and only stick with what we know.  Mind you, the unknown could be a scary place and so many times people are afraid to let go of what they have.  But what if what you gain is so much better.  You never know if you’re not open.

So, I challenge you.  Do one thing today that scares you and post below what you did and how that made you feel.  I want to celebrate your success!!





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