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How do you see things?

Ok, so here’s the skinny.  This thing called life…sometimes it can throw you some serious curve balls.  Sometimes you hit them right out of the ballpark.  And sometimes you strike out in a pretty big way.  But it’s your perspective that makes all the difference.

When things don’t go quite the way you planned or the outcome was something you didn’t expect, how do you react?  Do you internalize it?  Do you lash out?  Do you let it fester and allow it to bring you down?  I have some advice my dear friends.  Don’t do any of it!

There was a time in my life when push came to shove and I knew I had to make a decision but was petrified.  I mean, PETRIFIED!!!  I was afraid of what would happen.  How things would change.  What I would lose as a result.  But that’s just a scarcity mindset.  Trust me when I tell you – you don’t want to live there.  You may go there for a moment or two…heck, or even three, because we are all human, but do not allow yourself to stay there.  You deserve more.

So how can you go from thinking  negative (or scarcity) to positive (or abundance).  Trust me, it is a process and won’t happen overnight, but I seriously have my children to thank as well as the incredible people I’ve met along the way in my profession.  My children show me every day how to see the positive side of things and don’t hold on to negativity.   Because it will get you nowhere.  And the people I choose to work with on a daily basis have shown me the power if positivity in both their words AND actions.  So, if you are ready to kick negativity to the curb, here are some tips that may help jump-start that change in mindset:

  • Keep a gratitude journal.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy by any means.  I started one about 10 months ago and it has changed my life!  For me, I write in the evening just before I close my eyes for the evening.  I jot down 10 things I am most grateful for that happened that day.  In the beginning you might have difficulty coming up with 10 and that’s ok.  Start smaller with maybe 5.  Once you get into the habit of writing in this journal just watch what happens to your life.
  • Make a list.  When I was younger if I was put it a situation to make a decision my mom would tell me to make a sort of pros and cons list. Do this with whatever situation you are in.  Create a list of things that didn’t go so great versus the things that are going well.  Then adjust your mindset accordingly
  • Get organized.  Believe it or not, when your life is in disarray and you are unorganized and feel overwhelmed that’s essentially a breeding ground for negativity and the scarcity mentality.  Take the time you need to clean your home, actually put those clean clothes away, and get your financed in order.  And while you are doing all of that, remind yourself that there are too many people in this world who would love a home to clean and clothes to wear.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.  If you want to change the way you look at and think about things start surrounding yourself with people who are positive and uplifting.  Just as those who are negative will rub off on you, so will the positive.

In my business I consider it an honor and privilege to help so many people see the other side of the coin.  It’s actually something I can do quite well.  But trust me, it was a process for me to finally get to this place of an abundant  mindset.  And I’d be kidding you if I said I never fall prey to scarcity.  Over time, I’ve just learned how to identify it and then overcome it.  I’d be happy to share more of my “tricks of the trade” if you are ready to make that change!



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