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Ready or not…

Here’s the thing.  It’s not like summer is some surprise season that comes out of the woodwork and we’re all like, what the heck is this.  Quite the contrary.  So many of us actually pray endlessly for the warmer weather to arrive…unless you live in gorgeous Hawaii or some other topical oasis, then, sorry, you don’t count 🙂

So why do we always freak out when it’s finally nice enough to wear shorts and tank tops and instead of rejoicing we just get super depressed because last year’s clothes no longer fit.  And it doesn’t matter if you are male, female, young or old, the thoughts of “oh crap” and “maybe I can stretch this out” come racing across our minds like a NASCAR race.

Then what happens next is also pretty typical.  We go into full out “diet and exercise” mode.  We start to do sit ups and planks and eliminate carbs or sugar. And add in a whole lot of hope.  And we think that’s the recipe for success.  But in all actuality, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Why?  Because nobody can truly change like that overnight and stick with it for long-term results. I don’t even think I can name one person I know who has been successful with this.  Plus, it’s summer and who wants to all of a sudden eliminate ice cream?  Not me!!!

Luckily, (and you’ll see what I say luckily and not unfortunately in a second) two years ago I was in that place.  Where my clothes didn’t fit right.  And in fact, I tried to button a pair of capri pants and, like a bad movie scene, the button literally ripped off.  I felt gross and yucky and was super miserable and stressed beyond belief.  I was mad at myself for letting this happen.  Because just as summer doesn’t just suddenly appear, neither did the extra weight I had put on.

I knew I had to do something – but what.  And this is where the “luckily” part comes in.  A friend and fellow sorority sister from college reconnected with me.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  She shared with me a program that actually rebalances your body so it functions optimally.

I won’t lie.  My response to her was “say what???”.  I’m sorry, I have never dieted before, never counted a calorie, and can’t be bothered with any kind of “program”.  Life with two kids never goes as planned so there was no way I could follow a “program”.  Thank goodness I was so down on myself that I decided to just be open and listen to her.  See, where that “luckily” comes in now? 🙂

I followed her guidance and in 6 weeks dropped 20 pounds and lost 30 total inches off my body.  That was in August of 2014.  I’ve never looked back.  And have easily maintained with ease. The stress is significantly reduced.  I am happier now than I have been in years and I am the mom my kids deserve.  If I hadn’t made the investment in myself I would never be where I am today.

Now, I return that favor to so many people who are in the shoes I used to be in.  Those who are ready to make a change and do something they never tried before.  Those who are ready to commit to something a little bit different.  Those who want to be able to fit into their summer clothes with ease!

Trust me when I tell you there is a better way.  Dieting is NOT the answer.  Feeling stressed is NOT how you are supposed to live life.  There is too much beauty around us and moments to appreciate.

I am committed to showing people the way to reach all their health and wellness goals.  If two years ago you said I would be doing this I would have said you’re crazy.  But, everything happens for a reason.  And “luckily” for me, I’ve gotten to such a place of peace that I wish everyone could experience.

Plus, my flip flops still fit!


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