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Buckle up!

I am beyond thrilled to be talking about this!!!  I have been in the fundraising industry for over 18 years and I’ve seen how it has evolved over time.  But what I’m about to tell you is going to blow you away.

What have you always wanted to do in life but couldn’t because that day job got in the way? Or what are you passionate about that it lights a fire in your belly on a daily basis?  Or do you know of an organization, nonprofit or individual that raised money for a particular cause?  Do you have a project you are obsessed with but not sure how to get the funding to make it a reality.

I am here to tell you it’s time to ditch the excuses and do something about it!

SmashFund is the first crowdfunding platform operating as a social network while offering an up to 80% revenue share to its users. This is for the dreamer who dares to dream, the entrepreneur who eats obstacles for lunch and a place where passions, people, and life collide.

As soon as I heard about this new platform I had no hesitation to hop right on board. I am all about being disruptive and breaking rules…not laws, rules.  Two very different things in my book 🙂  Although my police officer husband would argue that justification…let’s just not tell him!

As Sheryl Sandberg says, “When someone offers you a seat on a rocketship, you don’t ask what seat is yours, you just get on”.  And that is what I am encouraging you to do now.  Do not hesitate!

This type of opportunity doesn’t come around all that often.  But if you are a bit hesitant and don’t quite understand what you’ve got a hold of you can learn more here.  And I am more than willing to have a conversation with anyone who wants to know specifically how it can help them – either personally by creating a residual income or funding their passion or helping share with their school, church, friends, business owners…really anyone!!!

When you say “YES” you will be instantly connected to a community of other amazing people, getting ready to do incredible things. Just imagine the people you will meet, the connections you will make, the other doors that will open up to you, especially when this platform goes live and viral!!!

Take control of your passion, get it funded, and together we will change the world!


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