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Something about this time of year

ideas-to-create-lasting-memoriesBreezy nights with the windows open.  A firepit ablaze in the backyard with friends and family. S’mores. Sweatshirts and hoodies.  Football and tailgating.  Apple and pumpkin EVERYTHING.  There is just something special about the Fall season.  Some of my fondest memories are in the few months after the warm summer sun and before the white winter wonderland.

If you have a family with little ones, I’ve got some things that you can do to create those lasting memories – and who knows, maybe even create a few new traditions along the way.

  1. Hay rides and pumpkin patches.  These are my absolute favorite!!!  There’s just something about the smell of hay, the brisk, crisp air, and warm apple cider that gets me all nostalgic inside.  I think it’s because when life slows down you appreciate more.  And the kids get to look through the pumpkins and pick one that they will later carve, draw on, or in some instances, just put stickers all over!
  2. Explore the fall colors.  Find an undiscovered place, travel to the mountains, or just take the family for a walk and just enjoy nature.  Maybe even find a place to have a picnic as well.  I think picnics are associated with summer, but fall picnics are just as amazing and even more relaxing.
  3. Festivals and fairs.  Start an annual tradition of attending either the same festival or commit to trying a new one every year. Many provide children’s activities and even live entertainment.  And of course the FOOD!!!  Who can say no to that.  Apple cider donuts anyone?
  4. Fun in the leaves. Might sound simple but raking up and jumping in a pile of leaves creates so many memories!  I remember raking then jumping in them for hours at a kid at my gram’s house and then going inside for hot chocolate.  It truly is the little things that have the biggest impact.  Maybe even create a leaf angel in the process.
  5. Bake as a family.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fragrant fall kitchen. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Cloves. Apples. YUM!  Pick a recipe that has been passed down from generations or create your own.  And make sure the kids are involved in the entire process.  And if you’re making dessert, don’t forget the homemade whipped cream.

Obviously there are so many more things to do this time of year.  Personally, I want to go on a hot air balloon ride.  That’s on my bucket list and I think this time of year would be perfect!

Would love to hear what you and your family do or what are your favorite memories of Fall?



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