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It’s YOUR time!

So often in my consulting business I speak to individuals who are just stuck…or so they think.  Whether it be in their relationships, financial situation, career, or whatever else becomes the “monkey” on their back.  But the truth is, all they need is a breakthrough which most often occurs after a major breakdown.

All of the transformations I’m aware of, even in my own life, happen because someone is sick and tired of their own bullsh!t.  Think about that.  Your clothes don’t fit, your bank account has you stressed out, the toxic relationships in your life do nothing but bring you down.  It’s different for each person, but the solution is universal.

When you hit rock bottom (or close to it) that’s when the fire gets lit under your butt.  That’s when you realize you need to change or nothing will change.  And if your desire to change is greater than your desire to remain the same, you WILL have your breakthrough.

And it might seem easy enough for anyone to do at any time, right?  Get ticked off, then change.  Easy peasy.  But the thing that gets most in our way is our mind.  What will others think if I make this change?  What if the grass isn’t greener on the other side?  What if I’m overreacting?  What if I just give the situation more time?  People start to question themselves, their conviction, and then guess what….right back where they started.

Sometimes it takes someone like me to help you see what’s on that other side.  To help you not only see your breakthrough but show you ways to prosper through it.  To help you capitalize on the opportunity to change rather than focus on the fear of it.

If you are in a spot in your life where you are not happy, you don’t feel fulfilled, and there has been this little internal voice inside of you slowly (or maybe abruptly) pulling you in another direction – LISTEN!  It’s telling you you are the verge of something incredible.  It’s telling you you are on the verge of a beautiful breakthrough that will take your life, your finances, your career, your relationships to a whole other level.

And that’s what life is all about.  Leveling up!  But you can only level up if you are willing to experience a breakdown to have a beautiful breakthrough.  And trust me, you will go through many breakthroughs in your life.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t grow as a person or professional.

But when those brekthroughs happen and you realize time and time again how  beautiful it is on the other side and you wonder what ever held you back in the first place.


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