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Where the mind goes, energy flows!

Energy and mindset is a powerful tool. Time to use it wisely.

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Why we do the things we do

I have two young children.  My son is 6 and my daughter is 4.  I’m trying be cognizant and pay attention as to when, exactly, we have this mindset shift that all we want to do it please others, regardless of how it makes us feel. Currently, my daughter, specifically, thinks the world revolves around…… Continue reading Why we do the things we do

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What is holding you back?

In my consulting business I see it quite often.  Someone has a dream, a passion, and we work together to come up with plan to achieve what they want to achieve.   And the plan is not hard.  We are not setting up blueprints to make a million dollars overnight, but it’s more about small, daily,…… Continue reading What is holding you back?

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Time for a Reset!

I will tell you…I cannot WAIT for the nicer, warmer weather to hit my neck of the woods in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Especially after the over two feet of snow we received just last week.  It’s like we got the whole season of winter in 5 days!  But that’s another topic for another time. Not sure…… Continue reading Time for a Reset!